Promotion Requirements

Middle school students (grades 6 - 8) are required to participate in the educational and academic classes offered in the areas of English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.   

The Green Dot promotion policy ensures that each child is prepared to progress successfully through grade levels in order to prepare for success in high school, college, leadership and life.

  • Attendance: In adherence with the Green Dot Attendance Policy, any student who misses more than 15 days in a semester may not earn promotion ceremony/activity privileges. 


  • Course Grades: Students who fail one or two courses per school year may be required to pass summer school to qualify for promotion.  The administration reserves the right to review special cases and allow consideration to be given.


  • English Learner Resources: We support all students who may need additional English resources and provide a robust curriculum to support students and families in this effort.
English Learner Resources

coming soon!

Bus Routes

The bus routes will be determined based on where students live and commute into school from. More information will be shared as we get closer to the school year's beginning and have a more accurate read of where students are located geographically.

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