Tacoma’s newest public charter middle school selects the name “Destiny” to reflect community and future

Green Dot Public Schools is set to open its doors in August to sixth graders

TACOMA – The City of Destiny will now have a school that reflects its motto: Destiny Charter Middle School.

Tacoma area families, students and community members chose a name for the new public charter middle school that reflects the long history of Tacoma as the City of Destiny.

“We are so pleased to have a public school name that reflects the pride we feel here in Tacoma,” said Melannie Denise Cunningham, Director of Multicultural Recruitment at Pacific Lutheran University and Green Dot Public Schools Washington Board member. “We believe in our city and our schools, and we are excited that Green Dot Public Schools is opening the first charter middle school in our community. This school adds to our already excellent public school system and offers families and students another choice in their educational journey.”

Destiny Charter Middle School Principal Genny Cadena said members of the Advisory Committee, including families and community members, have been meeting every month to help plan the opening of the school, which will open its doors on Aug. 24 on Tacoma’s east side. More than 200 students, families and community members came together to help name the school.

“This is history. Our school is being built by the community for the community,” Cadena said. “I love that our school name reflects not only our city, but our goals for our students. We will be giving kids the tools to create their own destiny. We will really connect our new name in pretty much everything we do.”

So far, 200 students have enrolled in the new public school, which will begin with sixth graders only and roll up to a full 6-8th grade middle school over the next three years. Green Dot Public Schools are publicly-funded and free to attend. Each Green Dot school shares the common mission of preparing students for college, leadership and life and is open to all students. Families can still apply for Destiny Charter Middle School, but space is limited. To enroll now, visit: www.wa.greendot.org/enroll/

Jessica Garcia was one of the first Tacoma residents to enroll her daughter at the new charter school. She closely followed the passage of the statewide charter law and contacted Green Dot Public Schools as soon as she learned they were coming to Tacoma. She said she wanted a name for the new school that felt very Tacoma.

“I have lived here most of my life, and I love that I live in this town of blue collar workers who are fighting for change. We are the City of Destiny and this will be the school of Destiny,” Garcia said. “It’s amazing to be a part of building this school, it is a gift. Our name makes me so proud, proud of Tacoma and my community. I am so excited to be a part of this.”

Destiny MS Announcement

MEDIA:  For more information, contact Bree Dusseault (Executive Director, Green Dot Washington – 253.878.8628)

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