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College Prep

What makes Destiny Middle School Unique

With an enrollment of 250 students, Destiny Middle School enrolls children from diverse neighborhoods in the Tacoma area. Students benefit from engaging with peers from Tacoma’s Eastside, Hilltop and South End neighborhoods as well as Lakewood, Spanaway and Puyallup. Our students bring a multitude of gifts and potential with 12% English Language Learners, and 23% utilizing Special Education programming.

Our families have been actively involved in the creation of Destiny. Our Advisory committee, consisting of 20+ families and community leaders met monthly to give the critical input and local context to the Green Dot Model to include the school name, colors, and community engagement strategy.

"I chose a school where important decisions can be made for individual students’ needs immediately—whether it involves curriculum, behavioral support, and academic enrichment. We ask ourselves, “What have we done right?” We stress the question, “What can we do better?”

-Kayla Vickaryous, Dean of Students, Destiny Middle School

About Green Dot Public Schools

Green Dot Public Schools is a network of public charter schools in Los Angeles, California, Tennessee, and Washington.

Our schools are free and open to all students, like other public schools.

Nine Green Dot high schools are ranked among the top 10% of schools nationally by US News & World Report, with four being in the top 5%. 

Students enter Green Dot schools testing in the bottom 10% but are matching the graduation rate for the state.

These same students are 4 times more likely to graduate college-ready than students in neighboring schools.


Our Mission

To prepare ALL students for college, leadership and life.

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