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What makes Excel Public Charter School Unique

At Excel Public Charter School, we strive to develop leaders who graduate from high school and college equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to be competitive in the Pacific Northwest's job market.

Rigorous STEAM and literacy-focused academic program, aligned with the Common Core, College Readiness, and Next Generation Science Standards

Extended school day with 500 minutes per week in grades 7-10, featuring 100-minute block of ELA instruction and extended content instruction in math and science

Varied instructional methods support college success by demonstrating ways of learning and thinking aligned with the college format

Green Dot Public Schools is committed to valuing and empowering teachers who truly believe that education can change the lives of students. The organization was intentional about building a culture based on high expectations, equity and developing the whole child.

-Chay Dixon, English Teacher, Green Dot Public Schools Washington

About Green Dot Public Schools

Green Dot Public Schools is a network of public charter schools in Los Angeles, California, Tennessee and Washington.

Our schools are free and open to all students, like other public schools.

Nine Green Dot high schools are ranked among the top 10% of schools nationally by US News & World Report, with four being in the top 5%. 

Students enter Green Dot schools testing in the bottom 10% but are matching the graduation rate for the state.

Students enter Green Dot schools testing in the bottom 10% but are matching the graduation rate for the state.

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Our Mission:

To provide all students an academically rigorous, STEAM-focused, educational program that will prepare them for success in college, leadership and life. 

Our civic mission is to empower all students to become agents of positive change in their communities through character development and culturally-responsive pedagogy.

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