First Name Last Name Position Email
Jovan Bennett Instructional Aide
Kyle Berry Orchestra and DIgital Music Teacher
Emily Bicknell School Nurse
Cecille Bitanga Special Education Teacher
Quierra Bradford Student Support Counselor
Cole Campion English Language Arts Teacher
Erica Carmichael English Language Learner Coordinator
Chastity Catchings Director of Finance and Operations
Baionne Coleman Principal
Jamie Costantino Science Teacher
Cyndrella D'Cunha Math Teacher
Chris Ferguson Science Teacher
Yonas Fikak Unconditional Education Coach
Mel Galarneau 6th Grade Teacher
Olive Garcia Special Education Teacher
Alexis Hauber Science Teacher
Nathan Howden Counselor
Chineka Jones English Language Arts Teacher
Jess Kozik Student Support Counselor
Najee Ladd-Ali Physical Education Teacher
James Mackerras English Language Arts Teacher
Andra Maughan Head of School
Ben Olsen Spanish Teacher
Jose Orellana 6th Grade Teacher
Desiray Padilla Instructional Aide
Amy Razo High School World History and AP Human Geography Teacher
Andrew Tejero 6th Grade Teacher
Tonieh Thompson Operations Manager
Tynishia Williams Assistant Principal
Deron Woods Student Recruitment Manager

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