Student & Family Support Team


Aimee Kelley

Parent Community Engagement Coordinator

Aimee has worked in education in the charter sector for eight years in Washington, DC, and is thrilled to bring that expertise to the Green Dot team. She spent most of that time working directly with parents and has taught ESL, Civics, and Digital Literacy. She also presented at organizations, schools and conferences on using technology in the classroom, family literacy and engagement, and differentiated instruction.

She is currently on the Board of Directors of the Washington Area TESOL Organization. In her free time, she likes to build websites, write code, and work with youth. She also loves music and studied it at Bethel College. She plays seven instruments and has played in a wide variety of bands and orchestras.


Rahma Rashid

Office Coordinator

Ms. Rashid is honored and excited to be the founding Office Coordinator at Rainier Valley Leadership Academy high school. Ms. Rashid worked as an instructional assistant at RVLA middle school where she was an integral part of the schools success. Prior to working at Greendot, She managed underserved students for 2 years as the K-5 Program Manager at East African Community Services. She also has experience working with all age groups and families in various roles as a summer coordinator, team leader, and a teaching assistant.

Ms. Rashid is very passionate about helping underserved students and looks forward to bringing her expertise to the RVLA community. She holds an Associate in Arts degree from South Seattle College and an Early Childhood Education certification from Highline College. Ms. Rashid hopes to soon become a certificated teacher. She looks forward to working with the
founding high school class.

During her free time, she loves to read, write, and explore Seattle with her children.


Ishmail Sulton

Founding Student Recruiter

Ishmail Sulton specializes in student recruitment and community engagement. In collaboration with RVLA high school recruitment team,  he develops and coordinates student recruitment functions, campaigns, and events.

Ishmail is a very thoughtful and understanding community member and is an active member of the East African and greater Seattle community. His passion for the wellbeing and success of community members has allowed him to cultivate genuine community partnerships and aides him in helping prospective students and their families with the admission process.

In his free time Ishmail enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering in programs that work with youth who have experience or are at high risk of being in the juvenile justice system.  He also plays basketball, enjoys hiking, and participating in other outdoor activities. Ishmail’s hero and source of strength has always been his mother, whose immeasurable love and courage continues to inspire and motivate him.


Garth Ball

Instructional Assistant

Garth Ball is an educator, theatre artist, and recent graduate of Seattle University, where he earned his BA in English and theatre. Born and raised in Seattle, Garth chose to stay in the city in order to work toward educational equity in the local community while pursuing his studies and theatrical work. While at SU, he served as an academic mentor at Washington Middle School and Garfield High School, as well as numerous summer programs for youth from preschool to high school.

When not in the classroom, Garth is an avid theatre artist and musician. He has directed modern interpretations of Shakespeare classics (like a 1920s Comedy of Errors and a gender-bending Midsummer Night’s Dream) with high school and college students, in addition to work as an actor, music director, composer, and sound designer at SU and across Seattle.

At RVLA High School, Garth will be serving as an instructional assistant, a role in which he will collaborate with classroom teachers to provide differentiated instruction one-on-one and in small groups based on students’ individualized needs. He will also be completing the Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching Program at Seattle Pacific University, through which he will become a certified classroom teacher. He looks forward to building relationships and community with the students and families at RVLAHS!

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