Student Support Staff


Elizabeth Tyning

School Counselor

Ms. Tyning is excited to serve the Rainier Valley community as Rainier Valley Leadership Academy's founding School Counselor. She graduated from The New School in New York City with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in Sociology. While completing her undergraduate studies, Ms. Tyning worked as a volunteer and tutor for Achievement First Charter Schools, ACLU’s Racial Justice Program, and The Fortune Society’s alternative to incarceration education programs. Ms. Tyning completed her Masters in Social Work from NYU, and as a part of her graduate studies, trained in community mental health and medical social work. Prior to joining the Green Dot team, she has broadened her clinical experience as a Mental Health Therapist with Seattle Children’s Hospital for the last two years. Ms. Tyning is passionate about empowering individuals, especially children, to recognize their potential and boost their overall well-being, so that they can achieve their personal and academic goals.

As a native to the desert climate, Ms. Tyning enjoys the sun and being outdoors. You can find her most likely hiking with her dog, on her bike, or growing vegetables in her backyard. When indoors, she turns to books, movies, and wood carving! Ms. Tyning looks forward to partnering with the Green Dot community, providing creativity, compassion, and dedication, so that all students and families are heard and supported in their educational journey.

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Aimee Kelley

Parent and Community Engagement Coordinator

Aimee has worked in education in the charter sector for eight years in Washington, DC and is thrilled to bring that expertise to the Green Dot team. She spent most of that time working directly with parents and has taught ESL, Civics, and Digital Literacy. She also presented at organizations, schools and conferences on using technology in the classroom, family literacy and engagement, and differentiated instruction. She is currently on the Board of Directors of the Washington Area TESOL Organization. In her free time, she likes to build websites, write code, and work with youth. She also loves music and studied it at Bethel College. She plays seven instruments and has played in a wide variety of bands and orchestras.

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